Shan Lai Court

  • Net Area

    400 sq ft

Charming Wood mixed with While Colour
New Territories East 
Typical wood-color design, using light-colored wood to create a soft and comfortable feeling, 
with a little metal decoration, natural and delicate, coupled with the blank wall, 
the overall color gives people a quiet feeling, without a trace of exaggerated color.
The overall feeling of the living room extends to the kitchen, marble texture feature wall and wooden floor tiling 
with simple patterns are selected, given the overall feeling of fashion and elegance. 
The bathroom has a touch of dark gray to add a stylish touch.
The master room implements the color of wood and white, and custom-made metal display cabinets, 
which allow the female head of the household to display her favorite items, and add a floor to increase storage space. 
The daughter's room is light pink, with a special elevated children's bed, adding innocence.


Laguna Verde

Laguna Verde