Laguna Verde

  • Net Area

    560 sq ft

Modern Light Nordic Style丨Concise and Natural Comfortable Space

Integrating the lightweight Nordic style Nodic design, it combines the simple style of fabric texture and soft tones, stylish and modern decoration gives a warm and inviting feeling. It emphasizes clean lines, functional and simple furniture, focusing on utility, beauty and comfort.

The designer used wood tones and light white tones, and the walls were painted in pure white with herringbone wood grain floor tiles.

The lower half of the custom-made built-in cabinets in the living and dining room is made of wood, the upper half is made of light white and the bottom of the cabinet is lifted from the ground to give people a sense of lightness at the top and heavy at the bottom. The combination of hanging TV cabinet + wall-mounted TV set on the simple TV feature wall brings a simple and comfortable sense of generous space. Parts of the custom-made furniture are also decorated with a small amount of champagne gold steel, which also helps to make the space feel more noble and luxurious.

Laguna Verde

Laguna Verde