Grand Garden

  • Net Area

    600 sq ft

European and American minimalism

Island East 600’

As the saying goes: the poor look at the hall, the rich look at the kitchen. Abandon the traditional closed kitchen, choose the European and American simple open kitchen design, and the island design. The open kitchen is connected to other spaces and has a wide field of vision, so the kitchen storage capacity should be high, coupled with the extremely simple design, it looks neat and elegant.

For the electrical appliances of the open kitchen, in addition to emphasizing the functional shape, it needs to be integrated into the overall design planning. Appliances are combined with cabinets, with custom built-in designs, such as: refrigerators, dishwashers, induction cookers, and even concealed lift cooker hoods.

In addition, the open kitchen can strengthen communication with family members, and you can also interact and chat with family members when cooking, especially if there are children at home, you can enjoy more time with them at home!

The fireplace design is added in the living room, which depicts the European and American elegant style, enhances the visual effect, and creates a sense of warmth.

Laguna Verde

Laguna Verde